Hi, I'm Jeff.

I've spent the past 19 years of my life building, racing, and obsessing over cars. I'm entirely self-taught when it comes to mechanical work, which should be pretty obvious from my videos. Fully Spooled is primarily a YouTube channel dedicated to documenting the build of my various car projects.

My current ongoing project is the Lexus, which is undergoing an engine and transmission swap to a low mileage 4.8 LR4 (LS style) V8 with a T-56 Magnum transmission. This car will eventually be a dedicated track car used in road course racing and drifting.

I've had the Eagle Talon since December 2001. It's been through many stages of modifications over the years, ranging from stock to very fast. It currently has a 2.3L stroker 4G63 with a 4G64 crank, Wiseco pistons, Eagle H-beam rods, Crower springs and retainers, and a whole host of parts...curently on the stock 14b turbo. This car is no longer registered and mostly sits around while I work on other projects.

The Bricklin is something I stumbled upon in 2012 when cruising through Craigslist. I saw it and had to have it. It is also currently mothballed while I work on the Lexus. Plans for this car are either an engine swap or fixing the original engine and a full restoration.